Technical data


Standard unit heights are 2591 mm (int. 2326 mm) and
2765 mm (int. 2500 mm). Other non-standard modular
units sizes can be manufactured;
length up to 30’, width up to 12’, height up to 12’.

Type of Unit    external LxW [mm]internal LxW [mm]*
10'2989 x 24352809 x 2255
16'4880 x 24354700 x 2255
20'6055 x 24355875 x 2255
24'7325 x 24357145 x 2255
30'9125 x 24358945 x 2255

*Valid for wall thickness 60 mm
When requesting non standard dimensions, consultation with our sales/technical team is needed.


 Standard [kN/m2]            Optional [kN/m2]
Floor load                    2.05.0 (up to 10.0)
Snow load    1.02.0 (up to 6.0)
Wind load0.5acc. to EN 1991-1-4

When requesting non standard loadings, consultation with our sales/technical team is needed.

U Thermal transmittance

Standard [W/m2K]Optional [W/m2K]
Floor                               0.350.20 (up to 0.14)
Roof0.360.16 (up to 0.11)

*Valid for wall thickness 60 mm


Flexible in Dimensions, Energy efficient, Fire safety, Easy to transport and relocate, Long term economic benefits.


Trimo modular units are designed in a way that they can be easily modified, which enables us to fulfil a wide range of customers’ requests and needs.

Modular unit

The modular unit is designed as a light construction consisting of floor and roof frames, corner profiles and Trimoterm fireproof panels.

Transport and installation

Easy to transport & re-locate, units can be supplied fully factory assembled or flat-packed. Save Time & Costs.


Trimo closely monitors the entire work process from planning, production to final installation.


Latest reference: Modular School Reykjanesbaer

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