Trimo closely monitors the entire work process from planning, production to final installation. With care, regular maintenance and servicing, you can significantly extend the life span of a building.

Better value of modular construction:

  • Strict quality control of all prefabrication process assures the very best final product.
  • 30+ years life span with the correct maintenance.
  • Sustainable and durable materials create a healthy and pleasant living environment.
  • Numerous global safety and quality certificates sustainability endorse our solution.


Flexible in Dimensions, Energy efficient, Fire safety, Easy to transport and relocate, Long term economic benefits.


Trimo modular units are designed in a way that they can be easily modified, which enables us to fulfil a wide range of customers’ requests and needs.

Modular unit

The modular unit is designed as a light construction consisting of floor and roof frames, corner profiles and Trimoterm fireproof panels.

Technical data

With the highest fire ratings and load bearing capacities, safety and security is engineered into Trimo’s modular units.

Transport and installation

Easy to transport & re-locate, units can be supplied fully factory assembled or flat-packed. Save Time & Costs.


Latest reference: Modular School Reykjanesbaer

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