Trimo modular units are designed as a light steel construction consisting of floor structure, ceiling structure, corner elements and columns. The quality-supervised prefabrication on modern production lines makes it possible to realise a building about 70% faster than would be possible with a conventional construction.

Steel structure enables flexible compounding of individual modular units in all 3 dimensions. Longitudinal and transverse directions without limits, vertical direction up to 4 storeys high. Trimo’s modular system also enables assembly and disassembly of the units and the addition of units in horizontal and vertical directions.

To achieve tailor-made solutions, Trimo can add various construction elements to the core structure: secondary roofs, secondary facades, overhangs, structural reinforcements, etc.

In order to fit in with different surroundings and to present a warmer architectural design style, both on the outside and on the inside, Trimo can offer you a palette of different finish materials. This makes building according to personal specifications or preference much easier.


Flexible in Dimensions, Energy efficient, Fire safety, Easy to transport and relocate, Long term economic benefits.

Modular unit

The modular unit is designed as a light construction consisting of floor and roof frames, corner profiles and Trimoterm fireproof panels.

Technical data

With the highest fire ratings and load bearing capacities, safety and security is engineered into Trimo’s modular units.

Transport and installation

Easy to transport & re-locate, units can be supplied fully factory assembled or flat-packed. Save Time & Costs.


Trimo closely monitors the entire work process from planning, production to final installation.


Latest reference: Modular School Reykjanesbaer

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