Modular unit

Steel framework

Individual steel framed modules are made from top quality steel and different types of corrosion protection allow them to be used in the toughest climatic conditions. Trimo is providing tailor-made solutions and sustainable materials, which offer stability, resistance and flexibility along with good looks. 


A rainwater channel incorporated in the roof frame, enables water drainage from the roof through PVC rainwater downpipes, located within every corner column.

                             Modular unit cross -section

                             Ceiling - wall joint                    Floor - wall joint

Floors and ceilings

Completely pre-assembled and insulated with mineral wool. Exterior surfaces are protected with steel sheet, which are inclined towards rainwater channels at the roof. Combining high performance floors with finishes to complement interior designs.

Windows & doors

Standard or highly insulated, top quality windows and doors with a wide range of additional equipment.

TRIMOTERM Facade Wall Panels

Trimoterm FTV fireproof panels are used for external walls, internal partition walls and ceilings. Trimoterm panels joint design, together with sealing ropes provide superior air and water tightness.

Using Trimo FTV fireproof panels of 60 to 240 mm thickness, thermal conductivity values (U) as low as 0.17 W/m2K can be guaranteed as well as an Rw sound reduction of 32 dB.
100-120 kg/m3 density rock wool assures vertical consistency and prevents heat bridges during the whole life span of the product.
Walls are made of “A1” class non - combustible materials, are completely recyclable and environmental friendly. El Fire resistance class certified (EI30 - EI240).

                                 Wall - wall joint                           Façade panel joint 


Flexible in Dimensions, Energy efficient, Fire safety, Easy to transport and relocate, Long term economic benefits.


Trimo modular units are designed in a way that they can be easily modified, which enables us to fulfil a wide range of customers’ requests and needs.

Technical data

With the highest fire ratings and load bearing capacities, safety and security is engineered into Trimo’s modular units.

Transport and installation

Easy to transport & re-locate, units can be supplied fully factory assembled or flat-packed. Save Time & Costs.


Trimo closely monitors the entire work process from planning, production to final installation.


Latest reference: Modular School Reykjanesbaer

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