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Registered name:
Trimo MSS modularne prostorske rešitve d.o.o.
Prijateljeva cesta 12, 8210 Trebnje, Slovenia
Registration number:
Tax number:
00 386 7 34 83 500
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Trimo Group

Trimo is one of the leading providers of building envelope solutions and modular space solutions. With over 50 years of experience and worldwide realized projects, its engineering, production and sales teams provide efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions to meet your demands.

Trimo sells its products and services under its own brand across more than 50 countries worldwide. Trimo has a sales network in more than 25 countries.


  • 55+ years of experience
  • Projects in more than 100 countries
  • Sales network in 30 countries
For more information visit About Trimo Group


Latest reference: Modular School Reykjanesbaer

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00 386 7 34 83 500
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