Commercial building materials

The location of your business is one of the main issues to consider when you are expanding or just starting your company. When there is no appropriate commercial building available that would meet your needs, constructing a new one can be the best solution. Constructing a new building can be seen as an easy way to conduct your business in the environment over which you have complete control. This includes the design, materials used and construction type of the building. Despite a big financial investment, constructing your own commercial building can prove to be one of the best investments you make, especially if you approach this project with caution and with a lot of professional help.

Commercial building construction types

Start with a good team

Constructing your own commercial building is a big undertaking and the more professional help you can get the smaller are chances of mistakes. A good team of engineers, architects and reputable construction companies can quickly lead the project from your vague idea to the concrete blueprints and estimates. Employing their help you get access to all the technological solutions these experts use at their work so you can benefit from technologies like AV or VR (augmented and virtual reality). Using them you can envision the end project much more clearly and predict the possible difficulties even before you start building. A professional team will also take all your demands into consideration and advise you – in a lot of cases they can present you with solutions you have not even thought about.

Location of your project

After determining what exactly your needs and expectations are, finding an appropriate site can prove to be a significant challenge. However, if you have already assembled your team, you have a good idea of what kind of slot specifically you are looking for. It is not just the proximity to the potential customers that is important, but also more practical points of accessibility, parking and if the site accommodates the type of construction you will employ. Other significant aspects of a potential site are the necessary permits for building and all other restrictions that may affect the usability of that particular location. And lastly, when considering a site for your future commercial structure, consider how appropriate that site is for future expansion – if there is the possibility to add another building or whether there is the possibility to buy the nearby sites if the need presents itself in the future.

Type of building

Before starting the actual construction, consult with your team on materials which are going to be used. There is a considerable range of commercial building materials to choose from and you want to make sure to use the most appropriate for your needs. If you are constructing a tall office building your range of materials used might be limited due to the size of the construction and the weight the structure has to carry, but in a lot of smaller constructions you can achieve interesting and high quality solutions with the use of not so conventional materials.
The choice of materials is influenced also by the construction type of the building. There are different commercial building construction types which determine what materials are used for the outer walls and floors, ranging from frame structures, joisted masonry, non-combustible and fire resistive. The type of structure and the materials determine how robust is the structure, how susceptible it is to certain dangers, especially fire, which determines (among others) the insurance rate of the building.

Commercial building materials

Deal with the money in advance

The most important aspect of a construction is naturally the financial burden of the project. If feeling overwhelmed with all the financial implications and prediction, it is advisable to hire a financial advisor. A good financial advisor can help you determine the affordability of the enterprise and suggest appropriate financing solutions. They can also help with writing a business plan with long term projections. A well written plan is vital when dealing with banks and potential investors. When estimating the cost it is also advisable to have a contingency plan for all unforeseen expenses. It is usually ten percent of the whole estimated value of the project.
When you consider the financial structure of building your own commercial building, your plans should include not only the costs of building and running it, but also potential new ways of earning money. This might include leasing offices in it to other business owners or renting parts of it as a storage space.
Building your own commercial building is an exciting time for any growing business. It introduces more space and enables more efficient workflow. If you approach the task with careful consideration and use the expertise of professionals, you can expect to do it relatively stress-free and start reaping the benefits of owning a commercial building of you own.


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