Trimo Modular Space Solutions
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Šestnajsta skupščina delničarjev družbe Trimo MSS, d. d. Trebnje, 19. junij 2015 - Uprava družbe Trimo MSS d. d, Prijateljeva cesta 12, 8210 Trebnje, matična številka 1474855...
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Special Offer - Reinforced Modular Unit

Few applications can demand more from a productin terms of strength, safety and integrity than that ofthe military, which is why Trimo’s Reinforced Modular Units have proven and effective protection against mortar and other high angle artillery fire. The construction comprises a reinforced 8 Kn/m2 - load primary roof which can bear a 50 cm thick protective layer of sand bags. Another option is a protection of primary roof with ballistic steel sheets. A secondary roof of 2 kN/m2 load is added to intercept and detonate the grenades. Secondary facade for the walls with ballistic protection can be designed and supplied as well.
The modular units have a rock wool mineral fibre core (120kg/m3) and are therefore fire proof to EN 14509:2006, EI90 and higher and tested in accordance with EN 1362-2. They have excellent thermal insulation with U-values as low as 0.30W/m2K and joints are designed to prevent sand penetration. Carrying the CE mark, they also meet all European manufacturing standards including ISO 9001, 14001, BS OSSAS 18001.
The units are extremely flexible and available in many sizes for the widest field applications such as kitchen, ablution, dining, accommodation and recreation uses. All the benefits of existing modular units are preserved, such as flat-pack delivery, speed and ease of construction and dismantling as well as the ability to be re-located several times as required.