Trimo Modular Space Solutions
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Safe homes for refugees At the moment we are assembling Refugees homes in Herrsching, Germany. Untill end of November more than 140 refugees wil...
Šestnajsta skupščina delničarjev družbe Trimo MSS, d. d. Trebnje, 19. junij 2015 - Uprava družbe Trimo MSS d. d, Prijateljeva cesta 12, 8210 Trebnje, matična številka 1474855...
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Military camps and working facilities

Extended periods of living and working in residential areas require the provision of various types of spaces that ensure maximum comfort. Military camps and working facilities consist of sleeping and sanitary areas, kitchens, medical facilities, bars, areas providing postal services, and other common living areas. Trimo MSS has considered all these requirements and developed a complete solution regarding such 'residential areas'. We offer a complete containerised solution with regard to residential facilities, distinguished by the adaptability to the needs of an individual residential area, various uses and spatial efficiency.
Facilities can consist of smaller kitchens and large canteens, sanitary areas with toilets, showers and wash basins, dormitories, meeting rooms and rooms for other social activities.  

Trimo facilities are suitable for humanitarian, military and commercial purposes. The modularity of containerized buildings allows for all manner of possibilities, ranging from rapidly deployed high density booking, to a tailored and structured development to reflect differing personnel requirements

  • possibility of placement in the environment without a pre-arranged infrastructure
  • possibility of configuring vast and complex multiplex-containers
  • endless combinations and facility configurations