Industrial applications often require the most robust and durable solutions especially when operations are in remote locations demanding a workforce to inhabit some of the harshest environments for extended periods. Applications spanning mining, oil exploration, telecommunications and energy installations, are all typically found in areas such as hot deserts right through to northern cooler climates and this is where Trimo’s complete camp solutions standout, providing a safe and comfortable living and working space. Trimo MSS also offers a wide range of bespoke modular units that have been designed specifically for use as telecom installations, industrial applications and other applications.
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Oil & gas camps
Trimo MSS delivers accommodation units to Shell, Lukoil, Eni Saipem and many others. Our accommodation defies extreme temperatures and occupational noise with high quality Trimo panels that can exceed all client’s requirements and expectations.      

Remote site camps
As a well-known contractor in the remote site and unfriendly environment industries, Trimo MSS delivers accommodation units, which provide comfort, privacy and security.
Telecommunication Stations
Trimo MSS provides rugged construction and highly insulated walls, floors and ceilings that protect equipment from challenging climatic conditions and vandalism.           
Waste Treatment Centre
Modular Waste Treatment Centres can be built any specification and dimension a customer requires. It is easy to reconfigure or incorporate additional facilities if there are needs for growth in the future.

Technical containers
Many types of technical containers with specialized use we have developed over the years.
They are built for well-defined purpose to meet individual requirements of customers.


For all your commercial requirements – offices, showrooms, retail stores or exhibition rooms.


Be the perfect host, choose Trimo’s modular solutions for your unique hospitality applications.


A lesson in educational success starts with Trimo’s modular solutions.


A sound, safe and secure base for all military and relief operations starts with Trimo’s modular solutions.


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